JCD Clubs


a) General goal: creating a cell of youth volunteers (15 years old and above) to spread awareness and enlighten the Lebanese concerning the perils of drugs, AIDS, alcohols, and sexually transmitted diseases.

b) Specific goals:

1. Training a group of volunteers on the basic information required to be able to enlighten people concerning the perils of drugs and addiction.

2. Strengthening the abilities of this group to be able to spread knowledge and awareness on the national level.

c) Used tools:

1. Meeting on regular basis in the different areas.

2. Organizing an introductory session for the volunteers to introduce them to the perils of drugs in addition to those of alcohol, AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases.

3. Organizing a specialized advanced session that enables the volunteer to develop his skills to enlighten and spread awareness. This session will take place in the organization under the supervision of the specialists.

4. Organizing entertaining activities for the drug abusers undergoing rehabilitation in the organization’s center.

5. Setting plans for fund raising activities.

6. Organizing awareness sessions, lectures and campaigns in schools, universities and clubs in the different Lebanese areas using audio-visual tools such as movies, songs, sketches …


JCD Club activities:

1. JCD in collaboration with Y-peer

2. Round table on the International day for drug enforcement

3. Hide Park with “Nahar Al Chabab”

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