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Reasons for addiction

1. Imitation of a group of drug abusers who make up some pressure and temptation and influence the conduct of the youth at risk as well.

2. The desire to discover and to experiment and try to identify what is actually felt by the substance abuser.

3. Bad friends.

4. Spiritual emptiness and the loss of values.

5. Luxury excess and accessibility to money for young people with a lack of health awareness and family supervision.

6. Killing void and the attempt to fill it by any means.

7. Escaping from facing problems as well as the inability to resolve them.

8. The satellite channels which broadcast programs and films that provide the audience with a wrong and fake image regarding drugs.

9. Resorting to some soothing medicines without consulting professional people which leads to addiction even without realizing it.

10. The misconception that drugs increase sexual ability which is in fact totally wrong.

11. The belief that addiction will not result from the first time.

12. The absence of family dialogue.

13. The disintegration of the family or the collapse of the educational institutions.

14. The inability to admit or to recognize the existence of the problem (schools, parents …).

15. The presence of gangs specializing in the promotion of drugs and facilitating their access to youth gatherings in “universities and clubs.”

16. The presence of psychological factors.