1) Reducing the ever growing rate of addiction and its repercussions upon the addicted youth and their families by providing counseling and admission services to both parties.
2) Rising people’s awareness of the perils of the various types of addiction, in addition to HIV and STIs.
3) Enabling all Lebanese to deal with the causes of addiction and prevent HIV and other STIs.
4) Rehabilitating the addicts and facilitating their social reintegration.
5) Decreasing relapse probabilities by following-up the ex-addicts so as to keep them from abusing drugs again.
6) Activating the role of the family and the surrounding in embracing the youth and fighting against the spread of social perils.
7) Contributing to changing the social discrimination against addicts, so as to consider them as sick people in need of treatment instead of criminals.
8) Advocating and lobbying in order to develop and improve the laws regarding social perils especially issues related to drugs and tobacco use.
9)    Networking with the local and international organizations working in the field of addiction and STIs, in addition to public organizations so as to develop the NGO’s resources and information.