Rehabilitation Program

Program Objectives:

1. Helping addicts recover from addiction
2. Enhancing the role played by addicts’ parents and families during the rehabilitation and follow-up processes
3. Developing the will of the addicts as well as the necessary experiences to enable them to assume responsibility, build a new healthy lifestyle, and get rid of the effects and behaviors associated to drug abuse
4. Enabling and Strengthening the addicts to carry drugs free lives
. Supporting the addicts and enhancing their capacity to reintegrate gradually in the society

Program Team:

1. Educators
2. Psychotherapists
3. Psycho-social worker
4. Physicians
5. Teachers: sports, drama, music, drawing & painting, hand crafts, English language & communication skills, computer among other specialties which are considered as beneficial and necessary to the successful completion of the rehabilitation program

The program provides two types of rehabilitation services: Inpatient and Outpatient.