Awareness & Training Program

Program Objectives:
1. Spreading awareness between the different social sections about the harmful effects of drugs, alcohol, sexually transmitted infections, and HIV.
2. Strengthening the role of parents, educational institutions and various community groups through building their abilities and enhancing their knowledge of addiction in the aim of reducing its spread.
3. Recruiting interested to people to support our cause; especially by motivating the civil society and government to spread awareness against addiction in the society.

Program Activities:
1. Implementing awareness projects nationwide in partnership with ministries, municipalities, other NGOs, clubs and 2. International organizations and foundations.
3. Organizing lectures, seminars, and meetings for youth and parents in schools, universities, clubs, congregations …
4. Organizing workshops for the youth, parents, teachers, schools and universities’ administrators.
5. Organizing workshops for associations, organizations, clubs and ministries.
6. Communicating and coordinating with local and international groups to develop outreach methods and tools for awareness.
7. Establishing a net of supporters whose main aim is to spread awareness about addiction.

Program Clubs and Committees:
JCD Clubs: volunteers from the different Lebanese regions joining the club in the aim of being trained so as to spread awareness nationwide.
MCD Committee: the committee consists of mothers to be trained so as to spread awareness  about the importance of the role played by the mother, especially in understanding and addressing the problem of addiction and working on changing society’s perception of the addict, and to support the rehabilitation program and the detoxification costs in the hospital.
JCD’s Friends Network: from the different Lebanese regions supporting and interested in our cause which main aim is to create solidarity net in order to protect the Lebanese society from the scourge of addiction through the dissemination of knowledge, guidance and support of the Assembly to develop its programs.