Counseling & Admission Office

Office Objectives:

1. Enhancing the knowledge of addicts and their parents regarding addiction, treatment approaches and the necessity of rehabilitation.
2. Supporting the addicts and guiding them to the most appropriate services available at the NGO or transferring them to other NGOs (if case requires).
3. Supporting the families of the addicts undergoing rehabilitation at the NGO on psychological and social levels.
4. Preparing the addicts seeking treatment for the rehabilitation program, by enhancing their decision making skills.

Office Services:

1. Examining the health and social status of the addicts and their families and guiding them to the appropriate services.
2. Providing follow-up during detoxification (collaboration and visits to the hospital during detoxification).
3. Providing counseling and information by setting appointments at the admission office or receiving calls on the hotline.
4. Providing voluntary counseling and testing for HIV patients.
5. Transferring cases to the outpatient service or other NGOs.
6. Preparing prevalence studies and statistics based on the admission office resources.

Office Team:

1. Psycho-social worker

2. Educator

3. Psychotherapist

4. General physician

Admission Criteria:

1. The patient should follow the rules set by the reception program.

2. The patient must be between 18 and 40 years old (exceptional cases are discussed in the reception office, the decision is taken accordingly).

3. The patient must comply with the terms and conditions of the rehabilitation center.

4. The patient must take all necessary tests before entering the rehabilitation center.

5. The patient must undertake physical weaning in the hospital or stop abusing drugs for a certain period of time and undertake a urinary test for drugs on the day of his entrance to the rehabilitation center.