Outpatient Rehabilitation

This program is implemented in the offices of the Outpatient & Follow-up Center of Father Bechara Abou Mrad in Chiah – Beirut since patients do not sleep in the rehabilitation facility.

It aims at supporting the 2 following categories of addicts:
•    Addicts referred to the outpatient program by the counseling and admission office based on their case study
•    Addicts addicted to substances other than drugs and alcohol such as tobacco addicts, food addicts, gambling addicts, internet addicts …

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services:
1. Individual psychological follow-up.
2. Familial psychological follow-up (individual and group sessions with psychotherapist)
3. Group dynamics for beneficiaries with a psychotherapist
4. Art Therapy sessions (Expressive theater sessions, drawing and painting sessions, music classes, hand crafts …)
5. Life coaching sessions aiming at developing and/or improving the personal skills of addicts
6. Practical skills trainings (computer, languages, communication, internet use …)
7. Cultural and awareness meetings about several issues, in addition the availability of a books library and a cinema club
8. Recreational activities inside and outside the rehabilitation facility as well as sports