Inpatient Rehabilitation

This program requires that patients remain at the rehabilitation center for a period of 9 months or more (according to patient’s response to the program). It is implemented in 2 centers:

1. St. Rita Center – Haret Sakher – Jounieh: this center accommodates 22 patients and is reserved to the patients of preparatory stage which lasts for 1 month and precedes rehabilitation, in addition to those of the integration program 2. St. Theresa of Jesus the Child Center – Jouret El Termos – Ftouh Keserwan: this center accommodates 50 patients and is reserved to the patients of the rehabilitation program.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services:

1. Individual psychological follow-up. 2. Familial psychological follow-up (individual and group sessions with psychotherapist) so as to get the parents to express their feelings and ideas and prepare them to meet their recovering children and work on improving their relationship. 3. Individual and familial social intervention aiming at preparing a life project with the addict and providing home visits and group meetings with a social worker so as to learn more about the familial and social status of the addict. Daily rehabilitation meetings with educators – sports activities – spiritual meetings – drama, music and drawing therapy, hand crafts, reading, movies interpretations, English and Computer classes (with degrees), agricultural and construction activities,  miscellaneous recreational activities (camping, movie and theater watching, dinner out, billiard, bowling …)