MCD Committee

Committee of Mothers against Drugs: The Committee of Mothers against Drugs was established in 2004.

a) Sought category: working mother, addicted mother, mother of an addict, and pregnant mother.

b) Goal:

1.Activating the role of the mother, and enlightening her concerning the perils of addiction.

2.Encouraging the mothers to establish talk between them and their children.

3.Helping the addicted mothers and the mothers of addicts to find out, understand, and solve the problem.

4.Correcting or changing the opinion of the society concerning the addicted people.

5.Supporting the rehabilitation program.

c) Reasons for establishment:

1.The mother is a basic element of the society, motherhood is her drive, giving is her strength, and knowledge is her weapon.

2.The importance of the mother’s role in observing and monitoring her children.

3.The necessity of differentiating between hobbies and addiction.

4.The role of the mother in detecting the signs and indicators of addiction and finding out the risk factors that might lead to addiction.

5.The role of the mother in raising her children and teaching them dialogue and responsibility.

6.The mother’s assistance in protecting her children, and giving them confidence and faith.

d) Mothers’ drive for participation:

1.By being a mother, she is concerned in the troubles and the problems of the youths.

2.Her love for the creation of a constructive setting and a healthy atmosphere for raising her children.

3.Her ability to give and to participate effectively.

4.Her recognition of the dangers of addiction and its repercussions on the equilibrium of the family.

5.Her proximity to her children and her presence when they need someone to listen to them or to speak to.

e) MCD as a reference:


2.Non – judging


4.Helping in finding solutions for mothers’ problems

5.Secrecy and privacy concerning information

6.Submission and guidance

f) MCD activities:

1.Advertisement awareness campaign

2.Training the committee mothers

3.Training mothers from the Lebanese society

4.Supporting JCD’s goals

5.2008 matinee at “Nahr El Asrar”

6.2009 matinee

7.Polarization meeting

8.Special activities for holidays

9.Radio and television meetings

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