BALADI CAP Trainings & Workshops

In April 2016, JCD partnered with BALADI CAP – Building Alliances for Local Advancement, Development and Investment – Capacity Building -; a USAID funded project that aims to build the capacity of civil society organizations, to manage and implement grants, in addition to building the capacities of municipalities and their civil society organizations partners to strengthen citizen-municipality cooperation in local policy and decision-making.

In its project, BALADI CAP focuses on building the individual and institutional capacity of JCD among other local organizations, through a systematic process that allows the organizations to become direct recipients of donor funding, act as primary players in project implementation, comply with USAID rules and regulations and deliver measurable results.

JCD Team members are currently benefiting from intensive trainings and workshops delivered by trainers and experts from Baladi CAP, and are doing their best to apply all the lessons learned in their work.

Among the trainings delivered, JCD took part in the following workshops:

- Practical Financial Management for CSOs – Part 1

- Strategic & Action Planning

- Practical Financial Management for CSOs – Part 2

- M&E Performance indicators; types, characteristics and levels

- Monitoring and Evaluation Cycle and Stages

- Asset / Inventory Management Training workshop

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