Fundraising Brunch at Hakaya – Kaslik

Jeunesse Contre la Drogue – JCD hosted a fundraising brunch on Wednesday November 19, 2014 at Hakaya restaurant – Kaslik. The brunch was organized by JCD’s board member Mrs. Joyce Salem and a group of female activists including Mrs. Cynthia Geha, Mrs. Pascale Hojeily, Mrs. Christianne Al Khoury, Mrs. Suha Baaklini, Mrs. Nathalie Barakat & Mrs. Grèce Boutros.

Around 160 socially active women attended the brunch to support the NGO and help in saving the addicted youth lives. A fashion show for “Pixie” was organized by Mrs. Grèce Kassis Boutros during the brunch, and 240 winning tombola prizes were sold in order to support the rehabilitation program at the organization besides the return gifts that were offered to all the women at the brunch from Fattal, Feminic, Sanita and Sweet shop.

Thank you ladies for your support!

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