Drugs destroy your self-respect as well as everything that goes along with your self-esteem.They're the enemies of ambition & success!
Do Not Sniff, Do Not Taste

Jeunesse Contre la Drogue (youth for drug enforcement) is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in Lebanon in February 4, 1994 and registered in the ministry of interior and municipalities under the number 75/ad and its amendment number 1670. It aims at:

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1) Reducing the ever growing rate of addiction and its repercussions upon the addicted youth and their families by providing counseling and admission services to both parties.
2) Rising people’s awareness of the perils of the various types of addiction, in addition to HIV and STIs.
3) Enabling all L...
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Address: Jounieh Highway – Haret Sakher between Hawa Chicken and Al Sultan Bakery, bld. Farjallah Fayad 6th floor:location

Administration Tel: 00961 9 638 141 – 00961 9 638 242

Counselling &a...
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